Inside Our Lab Part 3

Dec 15, 2023

The Good Cannabis Life Q & A Blog, Part 3

This is the last of a three-part Q & A interview blog with The Good Cannabis Life founder, Georges Brandan. In Part 2, Georges talked about the science behind his products and why he believes TGCL produces the best product options on the market. In this part, we’re talking about recommendations for customers with varying experience levels with cannabis-based products.

If someone is considering becoming a customer, what should they look for in your product line? Let’s break it out for different levels of customer, and your product recommendations:

  • First-time new user/customer, curious, new to cannabis…
  • Casual user/customer, has experimented a few times, a weekender
  • A seasoned user/customer, part of their lifestyle

New users should start with a Sour Dreams and a pack of low potency CannaCigs. Sour Dreams can be used in any beverage to make it a Canna-drink. The low potency CannaCigs burn really slow so the customer can take their time and enjoy the slow come up.

For the Casual user, I would recommend the F.A.N.T. Sugar Cubes and a Cannagar. F.A.N.T. Sugar Cubes can go in anything from morning coffee to evening tea; they dissolve quickly and hit even quicker, so they’re perfect for that after-work decompress. And at 15mg each, it is just right to not be too high for the evening responsibilities. The Cannagar is for that Saturday evening with friends. This thing will burn for at least 40 minutes while you play cards or enjoy a nice whiskey on the back porch.

Experienced users will enjoy the Concentrates, such as the Live Diamonds, tested at 99.99% THC-a. For those that are looking to just take a single hit and go straight to space, then our Live Concentrates are what I’d recommend. For customers wanting more flavor and direction to their high, then I say go for the less potent but still incredibly strong Concentrates like Live Sauce or Live Resin. These have all those amazing compounds retained through my cryo-freeze process.

Does a recommended dose or strength vary depending on the customer’s height, weight, age, etc.?

When it comes to dosing individuals, everything factors in. Of course, the metabolism of the user affects the effectiveness of edible products, but when it comes to smoking or dabbing product, it is more about the number of cannabinoids receptors that customer has in their body and what level of activity the receptors are able to process.

Concentrate vs. Cigar, how do their effects differ, or do they? And who is the ideal customer for each?

Cannagars are like cigars but made of cannabis rather than tobacco. The targeted user for that product is someone who is interested in smoking a lot of low potency cannabis over the next 45 minutes. Concentrates are much more potent; you are looking at dabbing .3 grams of a small diamond and instantly being hit with 300 mg of THC in a 30 second inhale. This is a more complex process that requires a specialized smoking devise (called a dab rig), a blowtorch to heat up the dab rig, and heat resistant tools to use the Concentrate. It is a more complex process, but the intense high is instant and last for hours.

For the sake of discussion, let say that a customer says, “I tried your (XXX product), and I felt nothing.” What effects should they have experienced, and what could have been wrong?

For those customers that tried (xxx product) and felt nothing, I would equate it to a human who was expecting to get drunk after having a single beer. Most of these products are designed to be usable by every human from age 18-98 years old…so if they are consuming something on the lower potency end (Sour Dreams, Canna Salt, Cannacigs) I would advise them to not expect it to get you high with just a little. These products are designed for overall wellness, not to get everyone high. If they want to get wrecked, then I would suggest they try the hard Concentrates.

If you would like to learn more or have questions about any products or production procedures for The Good Cannabis Life, contact us and submit your question(s). We’re here to help you have the best possible experience with The Good Cannabis Life product line.

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